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More Images

Hi, guys i got round to adding a tonne more images to the gallery, i even needed to ask for more space so i could upload all that i had.

Film Productions
Irresistable (2006) (Promotional Images)
The Adjustment Bureau (2010) – On Set: 5th October
The Adjustment Bureau (2010) – On Set: 1st November
The Adjustment Bureau (2010) – On Set: 6th December

ELLE- December ’09 (hu)

Shoots from 2009 > Alex James

Emily at the Tommy Hilfiger Celebrates Opening Party

I have added 15 images of Emily blunt at the Tommy Hilfiger Celebrates Fifth Avenue Global Flagship Opening event last night.  Check out the rock on her hand!!

Public Appearances > 2009 > Tommy Hilfiger Celebrates Fifth Avenue Global Flagship Opening

Gallery Updates

I am currently making the long-awaited mass update of the gallery.  At the moment i am re-sorting the photoshoots and i have over 300 event images to add and at least two photoshoots.  Please bare with me while i add all the images as there is alot.

All NEW album links will appear below:


Shoots from 2006 > M. Caulfield [Hollywood Life’s Breakthrough of the Year Awards]
Shoots from 2006 > Ross Kirton
Shoots from 2005 > Elisabeth Hoff
Shoots from 2004 > Lorenzo Agius
Shoots from 2006 > Uli Weber
Shoots from 2008 > Lionel Deluy [The Book LA]
Shoots from 2009 > ?? Paola Kudaki
Shoots from 2007 > Patrick Hoelck [Entertainment Weekly]


2004 > sydney film festival opening night
2004 > bafta awards
2006 > the devil wears prada – after party
2006 > Hollywood Life Breakthrough Awards
2007 > golden globe – after party
2007 > Luncheon to Celebrate emily’s CandL award
2007 > Crystal Ana Lucy Awards
2008 > raise a gorbachev party ???

Film Promotionals

My Summer of Love (2004) > Promoshoot
Wind Chill (2007) > Promotional Images

Hollywood Life Photoshoot

I have added 7 images from the Hollywood Life Photoshoot by Roberto D’Este.

View Them Here.

Wolfman Update

Even though its release date has been pushed back several times, the updated Wolf Man film continues to put out promotional material. Over at Bloody Disgusting, a few new photos have been released and they feature stars Benicio del Toro and Emily Blunt in action. They mostly show del Toro in his “man state” as opposed to his werewolf counterpart, but it’s better than nothing.

This doesn’t look that bad, why is Universal treating it like an unwanted stepchild? When I initially heard they were remaking the film, I’ll admit I was a bit skeptical. But when the cast came up, there was no doubt in my mind that this could turn out decent. Wolf Man will be released next year on February 12th, and is directed by Joe Johnston. Will they move the date again, I hope not.

Source: Screencave

Young Victoria Captures

Apologies for the lateness, of these but finally I have added number captures of the Young victoria, below are all the links….

DVD Captures

Theatrical Trailer

Deleted Scenes

EXTRA: The coronation

EXTRA: The Wedding

EXTRA: The costumes

EXTRA: The Making Of…

DVD Menus

New Photos From The Set Of Gulliver’s Travels & New Event

Yesterday, Emily attended the 3rd Annual Benefit Gala For The American Institute For Stuttering and we got some photos of her from the event for you. She looked very beautiful as always. Also, some new photos from the set of Gulliver’s Travels have appeared online (looks like a scene filled with action!) and are now available in the image archive. Previews can be found below, enjoy!

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