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Oscar-winner coming to Hollywood East

Some big stars may be making their way to Hollywood East in the next couple of months. The Wilmington Regional Film Commission says the film Arthur Newman, Golf Pro is set to begin filming in Wilmington. According to, the movie follows a man played by Firth who missed his one shot at living the dream. He decides to fake his own death in an attempt to reinvent himself and meets a woman (played by Blunt) who’s also in the process of trying to escape her old life. Eventually, they begin to break into empty houses to steal the identities of the absent owners. Soon they find a kinship amid all the deception. The Film Commission says production will be from mid-October to mid-November. There is still no word on who else will be in the film.

Source:, WWAY NewsChannel 3

Blunt and DeWitt hush-hush on ‘Your Sister’s Sister’

Here’s what the stars of Your Sister’s Sister can say about the movie: “I don’t know how much I can tell you about the story. We’ve been told to keep that under wraps,” says Emily Blunt, who plays Iris, the more mature and successful of the eponymous siblings. Rosemarie DeWitt, who is the troubled, chaotic one, Hannah, also hems and haws before, finally telling EW: “The situation itself is the spoiler.” What is so hush-hush about this tale of two Seattle sisters and the male friend (Mark Duplass) who comes between them? Or does one of them come between him and the other? Consider the fact that it’s from director Lynn Shelton, the filmmaker behind Humpday (also starring Duplass), the Sundance film about two straight guys who consider making a gay porn film together because they need the money. Suddenly, anything is possible. The official synopsis describes it as an “emotionally twisted tale of sisters, brothers, and best friends.” But it may not be as scandalous as all that. We’ll have to wait for Your Sister’s Sister to debut at the Toronto International Film Festival next month to find out, and even then, isn’t it nice to not know everything about a movie walking in? The stars aren’t completely coy. Here’s what they can share about the set-up: Duplass plays Blunt’s best friend, and since his life is a mess, she encourages him to take some time away from it all, alone out at her father’s vacation house on an island off the coast of Seattle. Once there, he finds that her sister, played by DeWitt, is in similar circumstances, and also thought it would be a good place to escape for a while. “She’s the sister who doesn’t have her s— together,” says DeWitt. “She’s pretty lost in life, and trying to figure things out. She’s about to go through a big transition. They kind of mirror each other for different reasons. She’s completely had the rug pulled out from under her. She’s trying to nurse her wounds, figure her life out. And this guy shows up and they’re oil and water.” Eventually, her other sister arrives at the home too. Soooo, what happens next… ? The obvious guess is love triangle, right? “It’s not as clear cut as that,” says Blunt. “Basically in this little piece, everyone has got a secret,” she adds. “Everyone trying to keep their secret. It’s a comedy in many ways, a comedy of errors, but also very poignant. It’s an exploration of sisters bond and how complicated that is. No one can break your heart like your sibling can.”

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Lynn Shelton’s newest to premiere at Toronto

Great news for a local filmmaker: Lynn Shelton’s latest film, Your Sister’s Sister will have its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival next month. The film, set on an island off Seattle, stars Emily Blunt and Rosemarie DeWitt as a pair of siblings in what’s described as “an emotionally twisted tale of sisters, brothers and best friends.” Last time I spoke with the busy Shelton, last fall, she’d just finished shooting a Mad Men episode and planned to make her next film project an adaptation of Joshua Ferris’ novel Then We Came To the End. Your Sister’s Sister is an original screenplay and marks, I believe, Shelton’s first premiere at TIFF. Congratulations to her.

Source: The Seattle Times

Salmon Fishing…filming starts

Commuters may have done a double take this morning as the cream of British acting talent shot scenes for a new film on the streets of London.

Kristin Scott Thomas, Ewan McGregor and Emily Blunt were out and about filming romantic comedy Salmon Fishing In The Yemen.

The movie is an adaptation of Paul Torday’s novel, which tells the story of a government scientist called Dr Alfred Jones who is given the seemingly impossible task of introducing salmon into the Yemen wadis by a sheikh.

And given the political nature of the film, the cast were suitably attired in smart clothes to portray their parliamentarian characters.

Scott Thomas play Patricia Maxwell, the British Prime Minister’s spokesperson – an ever so slightly more glamorous version of spin doctors past and present, Alastair Campbell and Andy Coulson.

Her character decides the salmon introduction is the perfect news story for the area and puts Alfred in charge of the project’s success.

McGregor stars as Dr Jones while Emily Blunt plays the representative for the sheikh, who starts to fall for the scientist as they begin working together on the project.

The trio are in their second week of filming, and have previously shot scenes on Hampstead Heath and on the banks of the Thames, where McGregor was photographed showing off his fly fishing skills.

Salmon Fishing In The Yemen is due for release in 2012.

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Sunshine Cleaning & Dan In Real Life Captures

I have finally sorted and added  725 Captures of Sunshine Cleaning, with Emily Blunt and Amy Adams.  These may have been sat on my laptop for over 6 months, but they are finally here.

You Can View The Captures Here

I have also added 93 Captures of of Dan In Real Life, Emily appears alongside Steve Carrell and Juliette Binoche. Not as long been sat on my laptop only about a month. 😉

You Can View The Captures Here

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