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Talking to Emily Blunt at the Toronto Film Festival

TimeOut- New York

Interview Magazine

Pop Sugar

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British Actress of the Year

Emily Blunt burst onto the industry’s radar in Pawel Pawlikowski’s 2004 “My Summer of Love,” a much-feted coming-of-ager, but she really turned heads in international multiplexes as the imperious, tightly strung assistant to Meryl Streep’s even more imperious Miranda Priestly in hit “The Devil Wears Prada.”But the Britannia British Artist of the Year designee’s recent role as the royal title character in “The Young Victoria” doesn’t have an ounce of snootiness.

“What I found fascinating was the world she lived in,” Blunt says. “She was constantly under duress. She was living a life under the glare of the public. I wanted to do her justice, and show the passion and love in her life — show the other side of her life.”

Filmgoers accustomed to seeing the dour, black-clad queen will find Blunt offering them an emotional, passionate young woman underneath the imperial public face.

“After all the research, once you see the humanity in the person, and what they did and how they felt, they become familiar to you,” she notes. “I wanted to play her as the girl and not the queen.”

Blunt, who besides “The Young Victoria” has “The Wolfman” in the wings, says, “I honestly still feel daunted by almost any job.” She adds that she loves to mix up her roles as much as she can, to “try not to pigeonhole myself.”

In “The Adjustment Bureau,” based on a Philip K. Dick story, she plays a ballerina, and as for what’s up next: “I really have no idea. I want to be lazy for a while and eat whatever I want!”

Source: Variety
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Exclusive: ‘The Wolfman’ posters


Cinematical has just received this exclusive new poster for The Wolfman, due in theaters February 12, 2010. As you can tell from above, this latest bit of marketing for the Joe Johnston directed resurrection of Universal’s classic shows off the gentler side of the moon-fearing creature feature. It’s a simple image of Emily Blunt, who plays Benicio del Toro’s romantic interest in the film, hiding with baited breath behind a tree in the mist-filled forest from del Toro’s titular man cursed with an ancient affliction.

What works so great about the poster, other than the fact that Emily Blunt is always easy on the eyes (and even easier on the eyes when in a corset), is how it denies us a glimpse of the actual lycanthrope at the center of the movie. I find it a testament to how fantastic the character of the wolfman is that no amount of beauty is going to distract us from wanting to catch a look at the doomed soul who loses control of himself whenever the moon is full.

Read More of the article here.

New ‘Wolfman’ Video

Emily dishes about the proposal

And so there we were, having a good laugh about her new sci-fi flick with Matt Damon—”I really would love to do a movie where I kick ass!” she cried—when I decided to ask for engagement advice based on her own personal experience.

“All I can say is that there were flutes playing in the background, butterflies, there were angels showering us with rainbow drops,” she deadpanned.

So that was how it was gonna be, huh? I didn’t even know there was such a thing as rainbow drops!

“Neither did I!” she laughed. “I found out when it happened.”

Luckily, I had another question I was hoping would a rise out of her. See, this season on “The Office,” J Kraz’s Jim Halpert is getting walking down the aisle with Jenna Fischer’s Pam Beesly. And whaddya know, John and Emily just so happen to get engaged shortly before the show kicks offs. I smell marketing ploy!

“Yes, it’s all a publicity stunt!” she faux-revealed. “John and I are only doing this to crunch numbers. No, oh my god! Can you imagine? You’re actually the first person to ask me about that, which must say so much about you!”

OK, OK, it’s for real. So have they set a date for the big day?

“We don’t know,” she confessed. “We actually aren’t sure yet. We’re being uselessly unplanned about this. But I promise you will be the first to know. You will know before my mother.”

Source: Hollywood Crush @ MTV

portraits fetch 30k

NEW YORK – Actresses Emily Blunt and Eva Longoria Parker’s images fetched 30,000 dollars each at a recent auction.

It was part of the celebrity-portraits by photographer Roger Moenks that went under the hammer at the Beverly Wilshire last week.

The money collected was offered to UNICEF.

Hottie Sienna Miller’s image fetched 21,000 dollars, while Milla Jovovich’s was sold for 20,000 dollars, the New York post reports.

Also, portraits of Susan Sarandon, Marcia Cross, Helen Hunt, Lauren Hutton and Andie MacDowell grossed 15,000 dollars each.

A total sum of 224,000 was raised for the noble cause.

Source: Entertainment Daily

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