2009 Nov 08

Exclusive: ‘The Wolfman’ posters


Cinematical has just received this exclusive new poster for The Wolfman, due in theaters February 12, 2010. As you can tell from above, this latest bit of marketing for the Joe Johnston directed resurrection of Universal’s classic shows off the gentler side of the moon-fearing creature feature. It’s a simple image of Emily Blunt, who plays Benicio del Toro’s romantic interest in the film, hiding with baited breath behind a tree in the mist-filled forest from del Toro’s titular man cursed with an ancient affliction.

What works so great about the poster, other than the fact that Emily Blunt is always easy on the eyes (and even easier on the eyes when in a corset), is how it denies us a glimpse of the actual lycanthrope at the center of the movie. I find it a testament to how fantastic the character of the wolfman is that no amount of beauty is going to distract us from wanting to catch a look at the doomed soul who loses control of himself whenever the moon is full.

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