2010 Aug 06

Emily joins campaign for U.K. Film Council

LONDON — Emily Blunt, James McAvoy, Bill Nighy and Ian Holm are just some of the 50-plus actors who have put their names Thursday to a letter calling for the government to save the U.K. Film Council.

The open letter penned to The Daily Telegraph, the national newspaper long regarded as having Conservative views, condemns the Tory-led coalition government’s recent decision to axe the government-backed agency (HR 7/26).

Signatories also including Timothy Spall, Pete Postlethwaite and Sophie Okonedo added their names to the letter warning that the decision to pull the plug threatens to seriously damage the entire British film industry.

“Everyone, including those in the film industry, knows that times are tough. But the UKFC doesn’t waste money, it makes it,” the letter reads. “Thanks to its [UKFC] efforts, our film industry — worth £4.5 billion ($7.16 billion) a year — has rarely been stronger.”

Source: HollywoodReporter