2012 Jun 27

Emily Blunt Grateful To ‘Kind’ Clooney

Emily Blunt says George Clooney is a “very kind” man and she will always be grateful to him for letting her get married at his home. The actress tied the knot with actor John Krasinski in July 2010 and the Hollywood heartthrob offered the couple the use of his property on Lake Como, in Italy, so they could conduct their nuptials in private. In an interview on UK radio station Magic 105.4, she said: “Is it a ranch, would you call it a ranch. At his place. His lake, it was lovely, so beautiful. He was very nice to give it to us, it was very kind.” Despite his generosity, the British actress jokingly claimed George wasn’t invited to the wedding. She claimed to have told him: “George we would love to get married at your place but can you leave? That would be great.” Emily can currently be seen in Five-Year Engagement and she believes the comedy film will cause arguments between couples who have been engaged for a long time. But the actress believes she and John had the “right” distance between their engagement and wedding ceremony. She said: “It was like a year, that’s how you do it, I think probably couples that have been engaged for many years will go and see this film and get into an argument.”

Source: Contactmusic.com