2012 Jun 24

Emily Blunt’s Ocd Fears

Actress Emily Blunt is concerned her obsessive compulsive disorder is becoming “an issue” in her life, because the condition is worsening with age. The Devil Wears Prada star has been fixating on trivial and repetitive behaviour since she was a child, but she was only recently diagnosed with Ocd. Now she fears the condition is getting worse as she’s noticed her tics and mannerisms have become more pronounced as she worries about the future. Blunt tells The Observer Magazine, “It’s very weird. It’s only happened in the past year. I’ve started getting very superstitious and fixating on things. I used to do it as a kid. I’d get these obsessive moments where I’d be in the car with my dad or something, and every time we went past a lamp-post I’d (click my tongue)… “It’s becoming an issue. I’m in the middle of the street and my dog is peeing on a tree and I’m touching it.” Asked why the condition is worsening, Blunt replies, “I don’t know. I think I’m just worrying lately about my friends and family. I’m lying awake, and getting older and realising how precious everything is; losing that slightly cavalier quality you have as a teenager when you say and do silly things.”

Source: Contactmusic.com