2012 Aug 16

Emily Blunt: Willis And Gordon-Levitt ‘Extraordinary’ In “Looper”

Emily Blunt thought Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt were “extraordinary” at facing off against one another in Looper. The 29-year-old beauty stars alongside the pair in the forthcoming sci-fi movie – which sees Bruce play an older version of foot soldier Joseph Simmons and Gordon-Levitt portray the younger version of the character – and she was fascinated watching the 31-year-old actor impersonate his older colleague. She said: “I saw them do one scene and it was really cool because I was watching from the side and they were facing each other. It was kind of extraordinary. I don’t know, it was just really cool. “I don’t really know how Joe managed to embody Bruce Willis in the way that he did, but he did. And it wasn’t an impersonation. It wasn’t like a cheap impersonation. It was more of his kind of essence that was just so, so cool. He got that New Jersey accent, but also the way he speaks, the way he moves – really well observed.” While Emily admits she wasn’t a sci-fan when she was younger, she is “fascinated” by the movie – which is set in 2042 and sees Gordon-Levitt’s alter-ego realise he is being paid to kill his future self (Bruce) – because she thinks it could be where the world is “heading”. Speaking to ScreenCrush.com, she added: “I didn’t grow up being a sci-fi fan, but this kind of sci-fi to me is so fascinating because there’s something frighteningly familiar about it and human. “That this, it could be where we’re going, this post-apocalypto, it could be where we’re heading. So I always react well to sci-fi films that are not necessarily about people floating around in silver space suits. I don’t have any interest in that.”

Source: Contactmusic.com