2014 Feb 20

James Corden On “Into The Woods”

Recent Tony Award-winning stage and screen star James Corden opens up about his lead role in the forthcoming big screen edition of Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine’s beloved fairy tale-themed musical Into The Woods, co-starring Meryl Streep and Johnny Depp, as part of a new interview.
Addressing the recent UK shoot of the Rob Marshall-directed film, Corden relates, “I mean, just the best filming experience of my life – definitely.” Corden continued, “It’s directed by Rob Marshall – he directed Chicago and the last Pirates of the Caribbean film. I just loved it so much.”
Commenting on co-star Meryl Streep and the various scenes they are paired up in, Corden shares, “Almost all of my scenes are with Meryl, really – me and Emily [Blunt]; Emily plays the Baker’s Wife. We’re sort of the characters at the center of this film who go on a journey into these woods.” “I mean, yeah, just being in a room with her – she’s so aware of how you feel! She knows that she’s Meryl Streep and you’re you, so she does everything to just put you at ease – and, she takes the work incredibly seriously and doesn’t take herself seriously one bit, which makes for a lovely work atmosphere. It’s amazing,” Corden candidly reveals of the onscreen collaboration with Streep, who plays The Witch in the film.
Furthermore, Corden says, “Everyone sings in Into The Woods – we all sing. But, it’s not sort of sung throughout like Les Miserables – there are scenes and songs.”

Source: BroadwayWorld.com