2014 Apr 02

Emily Blunt to star in ‘Sicario’?!

Lately, Canadian director Denis Villeneuve has been churning out features. Last fall, he released the crime-thriller Prisoners. Then February brought its follow-up, the mystery movie Enemy. Now, he’s already looking ahead to his next venture Sicario, and is eying Emily Blunt to headline it.
Variety reports Blunt has entered into negotiations about fronting Sicario, a thriller penned by Taylor Sheridan that follows a Tucson, Arizona-based police officer to the Mexican border on a quest to track down a dangerous drug lord. Joining the cop in this dangerous road trip are a pair of mercenaries. It’s a slight description, and one that leaves us with only a vague idea as to which role Blunt might play.
As there is no indication of the gender of the four characters, Blunt could be up for any of the above, though something tells me she might not be super convincing if the drug lord is meant to be a Mexican drug lord. Given that Variety is saying Blunt will star in the feature, it’s possible she’s up to play the lead cop part. Let’s hope so. It’d be a real downer to find out she’s some sidekick girlfriend/love interest. She’s done that enough. Give her a gun, and let her loose on the hero role.

Source: CinemaBlend.com