2015 Nov 25

‘The Girl On The Train’ Film Will Stay True To Book Story

Emily Blunt revealed that the lead role of “The Girl on the Train’s” Rachel Watson will stay true to the book’s vision and remain a British character.
The actress revealed this telling bit of information about the eagerly-awaited film in an interview with the BBC. “It’s [production] moved to New York but I’m going to play her as British, that was a decision Tate and I made recently,” revealed the actress.
Tate is director Tate Taylor, who is in charge of bringing the hot story to the big screen. “I try not to get weighed down with what people are going to think of me,” she said of her interpretation of the role of Rachel. “I’m going to have my own take on it.”
The dark novel’s base story has led the actress to quipped that researching the dark role would require “lots of rosé.” The novel’s author, Paula Hawkins, revealed in an interview with The Daily Mail, “I’m not violent,” she revealed. “I am interested in violence.” “I have a fascination with the nasty things people do to each other and the way relationships go wrong, and how there can be this very dark underbelly to seemingly normal, mundane domestic life,” revealed the author.
“The Girl On The Train” details the story of Rachel, an alcoholic, troubled commuter who stares out of her train window into the same back gardens every day and becomes obsessed with a couple she sees there. When Rachel later hears that the woman she has watched for months has disappeared, she believes she may have seen something vital to the case. But she can’t trust her memory, and trying to find out the truth puts her own life in danger.
“The Girl on the Train,” starring Emily Blunt, Rebecca Ferguson, Justin Theroux and Allison Janney, will hit theaters Oct. 7, 2016.

Source: Fashion&Style.com