2016 Mar 17

Emily Blunt Spooked By Shark On Honeymoon

Actress Emily Blunt Almost Passed Out Underwater On Her Honeymoon As She Was So Terrified When She Came Face-to-face With A Shark.
The British beauty married US star John Krasinski in 2010, and they enjoyed a luxury holiday afterwards. To make their time away extra special John convinced his new wife to give scuba diving a try, but she took a lot of convincing as she was intensely worried about sharks. After John made her see they would never come face-to-face with such a creature she gave it a go – and things went downhill.
“I know every shark looks like Jaws, but these really look like Jaws and they’re huge… and they swim very close,” John told talk show host Ellen Degeneres. “Emily never wanted to learn scuba diving and I was like, ‘We’ll never get into trouble with sharks.’ All of a sudden one broke off from the circle and started swimming behind us. I saw it and Emily didn’t. He started to charge Emily, so my decision was, ‘If I spook her and she moves a lot, he might bite her.’ I just let it ride. “(When she realised how close it was to her) air bubbles came out, she kind of passed out under water. All of her air just went to the top, it was pretty scary.”
Luckily Emily managed to recover and wasn’t taken ill, and after the incident things did improve. Especially touching was a moment the 32-year-old star enjoyed with another underwater critter. “A sea turtle that came up, I’m not kidding, put his arm around her and then started petting her head. He hugged her,” John laughed. “It was like he knew she had had a bad day and was like, ‘Sorry about my buddy Terry, he gets real close on the flybys.'”
Emily didn’t hold the shark issue against John and they enjoy an extremely happy marriage. They are parents to daughter Hazel, who turned two in February and has really started to show her own personality of late. She’s picked up some of Emily’s UK accent, and she’s also experimenting with language. “She’s starting to (do) little bits,” John laughed. “Like when she’s looking for me, instead of saying, ‘Daddy, Daddy’ she goes, ‘Where is that Daddy?'”

Source: Contactmusic.com