Emily Blunt talks ‘trepidation’ before taking Mary Poppins role

Cindy Adams

December 11, 2018

Article taken from Page Six.

Mary Poppins. Julie Andrews left big English nanny shoes to fill. Now comes Emily Blunt.

Blunt: “No reluctance, but I had a little trepidation. Plus excitement because she’s such a delicious character.

“I tried to allow for that gasping reaction when I said I’m going to play Mary Poppins. I pretended it was some sort of white noise. I love the idea of the great unknown, flip-flopping between wildly different projects and roles.

Anyhow, what else can I do but approach her as I would any other character?

“And there were lucky charms from the original. Her old song-and- dance man who turns 93 tomorrow — the Dick Van Dyke sequence was unreal. Just being around him was pretty unparalleled.”

With or without anyone raining on her umbrella, she hits screens in “Mary Poppins Returns” on Dec. 19.

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