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2015 Jan 27

Emily Blunt’s singing fear

Emily Blunt says singing in Into The Woods was like ‘showing her underwear’.
The British actress admits she was terrified at the thought of performing in front of her co-stars like Meryl Streep, Anna Kendrick and James Corden but says all the cast shared her fears of doing something so ‘intimate’. She said: “My knees were knocking walking into the auditions. It’s a very intimate and personal thing to sing for somebody, especially a musical god like Rob Marshall.
“It’s why people have to be drunk to do karaoke. “On the first day of rehearsals there was a hideous moment when Rob said, ‘OK, we’re going to sing now’ and everybody just screamed. Because here it was, the moment where everybody had to suddenly show their underwear.”
Despite her apprehension, Emily enjoys singing karaoke – but can’t get up in front of other people if she hasn’t had a few drinks first. She told Stylist magazine: “I would never go into [New York karaoke bar] Sing Sing without a tonne of margaritas. “I love Janis Joplin. Sometimes if I’m coerced I’ll do Aerosmith’s ‘I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing’. And I love ‘Try a Little Tenderness’ by Otis Redding, but that’s usually later on in the night.”


2014 Dec 01

Emily Blunt’s pregnancy panic

Emily Blunt feared she’d lose her Into the Woods role when she realised she was pregnant. The 31-year-old actress stars as The Baker’s Wife in the upcoming musical movie, which is based on a Broadway play and features a number of iconic people from fairytales. Emily’s character is finding it hard to have a baby, which made the fact that she had just conceived her now nine-month-old daughter Hazel all the stranger.
“The ultimate irony, right’ I found out I was having a baby the same week I found out I had this part, which was extraordinary and also made me nervous because I thought I could lose the role – which would have been fine because I was going to be a mum, but disappointing, too,” she explained to British magazine Hello!.
Emily wanted to wait until she knew everything was alright with her baby before sharing the news. As soon as that was the case, she phoned the film’s director Rob Marshall, who was entirely supportive. “[I] said, ‘I have something to tell you,’ and for a joke he said, ‘You’re going to have a baby,’ and I went, ‘Uh, yeah.’ After a moment, he said, ‘As your friend I’m thrilled. As your director I’m thinking, “Oh God.” But we’ll make it work,'” she recalled.
Into the Woods also features Meryl Streep, Johnny Depp, Anna Kendrick and Chris Pine, with James Corden starring as The Baker. Emily and James have been pals for a long time, so teaming up with him was great fun. “We first met at a polo match over strawberries and cream – how English does it get'” she laughed. “Oddly enough we ended up singing – probably because I’d had too much champagne. We sang Somethin’ Stupid by Frank and Nancy Sinatra and discovered we knew the harmonies. We had a laugh and have been friends since. He had us in stitches on set – he’s funny and wildly inappropriate, which I approve of.”


2014 Nov 28

Emily Blunt & Chris Pine Struggled With Singing

Emily Blunt and Chris Pine endured their own private hells while preparing to play leading roles in new movie musical Into The Woods because director Rob Marshall insisted on them hitting the high notes. Both stars knew they’d have to sing in the film but they had no idea just how grueling the work they had to do prior to the start of filming would be.
Blunt tells WENN, “I was very reluctant to audition for this and Rob did audition all of us, as he should. I was scared to go in. Rob called my agent and said, ‘I want actors who can kinda sing; not the other way around.’ So I had a couple of singing lessons and I learned it and auditioned and he was amazing and gave the role of The Baker’s Wife to me. I’m very grateful. “It’s the best part I’ve ever been given. Once I got over my own fear of singing in front of other people it turned out to be such an exhilarating and impassioned experience. You realize how joyful it is to sing and to be around music. The day we sang with a 65-piece orchestra with Stephen Sondheim in the next room is just one of those days you will never ever forget.”
And Pine adds, “I was the only person who didn’t know what ‘Into The Woods’ was when my agent called and asked me if I wanted to audition for it. I heard Meryl Streep, Rob Marshall … so I said, ‘Yeah, count me in!’ I had a night to prepare a song to go sing in Rob Marshall’s living room. “I made a mistake in going online and Googling what I was getting into and then it dawned on me the kind of magnitude of the kind of pantheon that I was touching with this music… So to step in that living room, I had not sung for anyone but myself; it was terrifying. A piano was brought out and he joined me in singing. It was actually a blast.”


2014 Nov 25

Emily Blunt: Meryl Streep ‘owes’ me

Emily Blunt says Meryl Streep owes her after she ‘saved’ her life. The 31-year-old actress came to the rescue of the Mamma Mia star after she tripped and fell on the set of the big-screen adaptation of Into The Woods.
Emily explained: “I did save her life. We were rehearsing a scene where she’s playing the witch and she’s supposed to jump onto the table with a cape and everything. “I just saw this thing happen in slow-motion… You know when you see something awful happen and it’s like the sound cuts out, you know? “Meryl Streep’s foot got caught in her cape and we just started to watch her slowly topple head-first toward the concrete floor.”
The 65-year-old actress – who is starring as The Witch in the fairy tale story alongside Emily, who plays the Baker’s Wife – will be expected to pay her co-star back for the rescue mission.
Emily joked on The Late Show With David Letterman: “She owes me! She should play my lowly dressmaker. She owes me big time. She was tormenting me in [The Devil Wears Prada], and now she’s tormenting me in this movie. She’s this witch that has cast this horrible spell on our house. I just said, ‘This is it.’ We couldn’t have any other dynamic now: ‘You just have to hate me in films.’ “She owes me, that’s why I think at some point I should play the Queen of Versailles and she can be my lowly dressmaker. I did mention it to her. I think it’s a great idea and I mentioned it to her, and her response was, ‘Dream on.’ That’s Meryl Streep… She’s so amazing, it’s annoying at this point. It’s annoying.”


2014 Nov 21

Emily Blunt As Captain Marvel? Here’s What She Says

Ever since Marvel Studios officially announced Captain Marvel as part of their upcoming Phase Three slate, fans have been wildly speculating about who the company would hire to play their first female superhero. Emily Blunt is a name that has been tossed around a bit, the actress coming off an awesome action-heavy performance in Doug Liman’s Edge of Tomorrow, but would it be a role that she would be interested in?
This very question was posed to the actress recently in an interview with ScreenCrush, and while she tried practically every method imaginable to divert the query, she ultimately delivered a rather vague response regarding her personal interest. Said the Devil Wears Prada star, “I think, it’s always for me, it’s always about—and now, more so—what am I putting out there? What would be interesting for me and what would be interesting for people to see. So, if it’s an awesome part, it doesn’t matter if it’s a Marvel movie or a tiny movie, I’d be up for it.”
In the interview, Emily Blunt notes that she had just been recently told by her brother about audiences fancasting her as Captain Marvel – though she added that she knows nothing about the character and hasn’t been approached or contacted about it in any way. She does also like the idea of being a role model for young girls as the first female Marvel Studios superhero, but that obviously doesn’t change the current status of her involvement.
Marvel die-hards will note that this actually isn’t the first time that Emily Blunt has been linked to activities over at Marvel Studios. All the way back in 2009 there were talks that said Blunt was in negotiations for the role of Natasha Romanoff a.k.a. Black Widow in Jon Favreau’s Iron Man 2. Unfortunately, the actress was locked into a contract with 20th Century Fox at the time, which meant that she had to go make Gulliver’s Travels with Jack Black and would be unavailable for the Iron Man 2 production period. Eventually Scarlett Johansson got the part and she has gone on to have great success in the role, but fans have still always wondered what could have been with Emily Blunt as S.H.I.E.L.D.’s number one field agent.
Hopefully Marvel Studios is keeping Emily Blunt in mind, but the truth is that it may be a long, long time before we see any forward movement on the Captain Marvel casting front. After all, the project isn’t scheduled to be released until 2019, which means that Marvel may not need to actually lock in an actresses until 2017/2018. In the meantime, audiences will next be able to see Blunt in one of the lead roles of Rob Marshall’s Into The Woods, which will be in theaters on Christmas Day.