Category: Site Updates

2011 Mar 25

On Hiatus!

I have to put this site on hiatus. I’m really sorry, but there’s this really important exam just around the corner and I have to spent my free time preparing for it. I promise, I won’t be gone for too long. See you in early May!!! 🙂

2011 Mar 07

New Layout

Welcome to Adoring Emily, where pride is taken in offering you the latest & greatest on rising Hollywood star Emily Blunt. There isn’t just a new look here at, there’s also a new owner. My name is Anca and I feel really honoured taking over this wonderful site! I am still working on getting up the whole content and updating the gallery, which may might take some extra time. I truly hope, you’re going to enjoy the site as much as you did before.

2010 Jul 21

All Pages

I have finally added all the pages into wordpress and also added a few new one in the Emily Information:

If you have any requests for page to be added, let me know and i shall add them.  I have a few more ideas to add to the site, along with making some new project icons.  I am looking for new affiliates to the site, please apply here.  I shall be going through all the current affiliates later tonight.

2010 Jul 11

New Layout, New Features

Congratulations to the Happy Couple on their wedding day.  To celebrate we have a new theme for the site, made by Becky.  Along with two new buttons.

I am currently also converting the whole site to wordpress so bare with me please, it will take a little time, to get everything back to normal.  I have also added a new plugin called fatcloud.  This should display all my posts tags, in a random arrangement, in the sidebar.

If your not already following us, please follow the network twitter. >>> f_a_Fansites You get updates from all the fansites I own, including Briana Evigan and Channing Tatum.  You also get the latest updates to what my latest online projects are.

2010 Jun 24

Fan Art Submissions

I am opening Fanart Submissions for the first time.  A big thank you to Heath for sending me this great drawing of Emily, which has been added to the Gallery.

If you would like to submit anything, to also be displayed in the gallery.  Please Email me at sojuicy[at], and I will add it to the gallery.