Wild Target

Character: Rose

Directed by: Jonathan Lynn

Written by: Lucinda Coxon

Produced by: Martin Pope, Michael Rose

Cast Members: Bill Nighy, Rupert Everett, Rupert Grint

Released date: June 18, 2010

Genre: Action, Comedy

Duration: 98 minutes

A hitman tries to retire, but a beautiful thief may change his plans.


→ They said ‘Take her out’. He got the wrong idea.

Character’s Quotes

It’s funny because yesterday I couldn’t wait to get away and now I never want to leave.
Cleanliness. Bleach. It’s like being in a hospital. It’s so safe, it’s dangerous. I can’t breathe here. I mean it, I’m frightened. I’m frightened if I stay here much longer, I’ll end up like you. Afraid of everything.

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