The Young Victoria Review and DVD release

Emily Blunt has been playing second fiddle for too long and was due a big leading role.

And parts don’t get bigger than the queen of England. Here, she plays Victoria, the British monarch who reigned for a mammoth 63 years – still a record.

Although fiercely protected by her German mother, the Duchess of Kent (Miranda Richardson), Victoria always knew her own mind.

Here she rebels against her mum and her overbearing advisor Sir John Conroy (Mark Strong) when they try to get her to sign a regency order that would take away her powers until she reached the age of 25.

So when her uncle King William IV dies in 1837, Victoria – just turned 18 – becomes queen.

It’s a reign that sees her survive assassination attempts, political scandal and a complicated relationship with her public.

Her most poignant alliance is with her adored husband, Prince Albert (Rupert Friend), although her chief advisor Lord Melbourne (Paul Bettany) also has a huge influence on
the young queen.

Victoria quickly learns that she should rule with her head and not just
her heart.

If period dramas or films about the royal family float your boat then you’ll go overboard for this.

The costumes are gorgeous, as are the grandiose locations, while the attention to detail is admirable.

But the real reason it works is that Blunt and Friend make a wonderful couple.

Victoria and Albert’s loving relationship was well known and these two up-and-coming actors throw their all into bringing this to life.

The supporting cast aren’t bad either.

Bettany always brings depth to his roles and Strong is good at being bad. Richardson has the difficult job of being a bad mum, but she pulls it off well.

The extras are varied and informative, with stuff about the real Victoria and glimpses at how they pulled off such a grand production.

Source: The Mirror

The Dvd is released on Monday in the Uk, look out for the caps.

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Emily Hopes To Become A Gay Icon

After playing a woman who has a lesbian affair in Sunshine Cleaning, Emily hopes to get a fan base in the gay communtiy.

The ‘Devil Wears Prada’ star admitted that she has never experimented with homosexuality but said she is excited about reaching out to new fans with her upcoming movie, Contactmusic reported.

“I’m going to become a gay icon. Have I ever flirted with that side? No, never, but I do remember girl crushes on other girls in your year group at school,” the 26-year-old star said.

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New Photos From The Set Of Gulliver’s Travels & New Event

Yesterday, Emily attended the 3rd Annual Benefit Gala For The American Institute For Stuttering and we got some photos of her from the event for you. She looked very beautiful as always. Also, some new photos from the set of Gulliver’s Travels have appeared online (looks like a scene filled with action!) and are now available in the image archive. Previews can be found below, enjoy!

Emily On Why She Refuses To Do It With Brand

The First Post has posted an article in which Emily talks about certain things she wouldn’t do in a movie because it might not do her reputation as a serious actress any good.

According to a report from the Cannes film festival in the Mail on Sunday, Blunt had been lined up to play a sex-crazed pop singer who beds Brand’s character in Get Me To The Greek.

But Blunt got cold feet, believing that nude scenes with Brand might not do her reputation as a serious actress any good. “She’s no prude,” said the Mail’s mole. “The stumbling block was that her character had far too many explicit love scenes.”

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