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Ina Garten is welcoming another friend to her East Hampton home.

On Sunday’s episode of her Food Network and discovery+ show, Be My Guest with Ina Garten, the Barefoot Contessa star chats with pal Emily Blunt about the actress’ Sunday roast traditions and her potato recipe that went viral in 2020.

The exclusive clip above starts with Garten asking Blunt about the one day that’s “really special in your house in terms of cooking.” Blunt explains it’s called a Sunday roast in England.

“And is it like served in the afternoon?” the Food Network star asks. “The usual routine is that you start at around 2 p.m. if you want, and it goes on until 7,” explains Blunt. “It is a long meal. You do not rush through it. It is long. It is wine-fueled.”

The Mary Poppins Returns star says she’s reestablished her Sunday roast ritual at her home in New York with husband John Krasinski and their two kids. “Now that I live in Brooklyn, I have two very very close girlfriends from England and we all share a Sunday roast,” she says.

“Oh how fabulous,” Garten adds.

“So Siena will do it one day and my friend Emily will do it another day, and it’s just, it’s wonderful,” Blunt says, as the camera pans to a picture of her posing with meaty mains and veggie sides.

One of her staple dishes for the weekend meal is particularly popular. In a 2018 episode of Barefoot Contessa Blunt demonstrated her English Roasted Potatoes recipe. In 2020, Garten reshared Blunt’s dish and her fans went wild for it. The potatoes garnered so much attention and traffic to the Barefoot Contessa website that it crashed.

“I couldn’t believe it when everyone loved the roast potatoes I did on your show because I was like, ‘Have people never had these before?’ This was like a staple of my diet,” Blunt says on the upcoming episode of Be My Guest.

“You taught them to me. I posted them on Instagram, and it like blew up,” Garten says, laughing. “Emily’s roasted potatoes just broke the internet.”

The starchy side even made an appearance in Garten’s cookbook Modern Comfort Food. As Blunt laughed about the talk of her viral dish, she says, “I was shocked. It was so cool. It was hugely such an honor to be in your book. I was like, ‘This is a massive in my career. A big deal.”

Garten jokes that the feature is even more important than the “big movies” and “Hollywood blockbusters” Blunt has starred in.

“Big movies, whatever,” Blunt quipped as Garten laughed, “Potatoes!”

During the 2018 episode featuring the potatoes, Blunt gave more background on the recipe. “This is like a staple in the Blunt household,” she explained in the past clip.

Just a few steps really set the four-ingredient recipe apart from others. After the boiled potatoes are drained, they return to the pot and Blunt shakes them for a few moments. She calls this “the workout part.” It roughens up the potato edges giving them a nice, subtle crunch.

In the episode, Blunt revealed that though the recipe has been in her family for ages, though she added an extra step that makes them even better. Once she shakes the potatoes, she transfers them to a baking rack over a sheet pan to let them dry for about 15 minutes.

“You put them on the wire rack and you get all the moisture out of them and then it just forms such a fantastic crust on the outside,” Blunt said. Once the potatoes are dry, she coats them in vegetable oil and bakes until golden and crispy for about 45 minutes.


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