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2014 Apr 02

Emily Blunt to star in ‘Sicario’?!

Lately, Canadian director Denis Villeneuve has been churning out features. Last fall, he released the crime-thriller Prisoners. Then February brought its follow-up, the mystery movie Enemy. Now, he’s already looking ahead to his next venture Sicario, and is eying Emily Blunt to headline it.
Variety reports Blunt has entered into negotiations about fronting Sicario, a thriller penned by Taylor Sheridan that follows a Tucson, Arizona-based police officer to the Mexican border on a quest to track down a dangerous drug lord. Joining the cop in this dangerous road trip are a pair of mercenaries. It’s a slight description, and one that leaves us with only a vague idea as to which role Blunt might play.
As there is no indication of the gender of the four characters, Blunt could be up for any of the above, though something tells me she might not be super convincing if the drug lord is meant to be a Mexican drug lord. Given that Variety is saying Blunt will star in the feature, it’s possible she’s up to play the lead cop part. Let’s hope so. It’d be a real downer to find out she’s some sidekick girlfriend/love interest. She’s done that enough. Give her a gun, and let her loose on the hero role.


2014 Mar 25

Second ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ Trailer Released!

Tom Cruise relives his death over and over again in the second trailer for Edge of Tomorrow, following the trailer preview that debuted yesterday. The actor stars as Lt. Bill Cage, who dies in battle during a war against a vicious alien race. Cage soon realizes that he has been caught in a time loop, forcing him to revisit his last day over and over again, which helps him become a better soldier along the way. Emily Blunt, Charlotte Riley and Bill Paxton co-star in this sci-fi thriller from director Doug Liman, in theaters June 6.


2014 Mar 24

‘Edge of Tomorrow’ Trailer Preview Released!

Lt. Bill Cage (Tom Cruise) reveals to Rita Vrataski (Emily Blunt) that they will soon meet at the beach in a trailer preview for Edge of Tomorrow. Director Doug Liman’s adaptation of the Hiroshi Sakurazaka novel All You Need Is Kill follows Bill Cage as he fights off an alien scourge before dying in battle. This soldier comes to learn that he has been stuck in a time loop, where he must relive his last day over and over again until he eventually becomes a better soldier. Take a look at this latest footage, then stay tuned for the second full-length trailer, debuting tomorrow, Tuesday, March 25 at 10 AM PT.


2014 Feb 20

James Corden On “Into The Woods”

Recent Tony Award-winning stage and screen star James Corden opens up about his lead role in the forthcoming big screen edition of Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine’s beloved fairy tale-themed musical Into The Woods, co-starring Meryl Streep and Johnny Depp, as part of a new interview.
Addressing the recent UK shoot of the Rob Marshall-directed film, Corden relates, “I mean, just the best filming experience of my life – definitely.” Corden continued, “It’s directed by Rob Marshall – he directed Chicago and the last Pirates of the Caribbean film. I just loved it so much.”
Commenting on co-star Meryl Streep and the various scenes they are paired up in, Corden shares, “Almost all of my scenes are with Meryl, really – me and Emily [Blunt]; Emily plays the Baker’s Wife. We’re sort of the characters at the center of this film who go on a journey into these woods.” “I mean, yeah, just being in a room with her – she’s so aware of how you feel! She knows that she’s Meryl Streep and you’re you, so she does everything to just put you at ease – and, she takes the work incredibly seriously and doesn’t take herself seriously one bit, which makes for a lovely work atmosphere. It’s amazing,” Corden candidly reveals of the onscreen collaboration with Streep, who plays The Witch in the film.
Furthermore, Corden says, “Everyone sings in Into The Woods – we all sing. But, it’s not sort of sung throughout like Les Miserables – there are scenes and songs.”


2014 Feb 13

“The Wind Rises” confirms UK release date

UK anime fans will be glad to know that the cinema release date for Studio Ghibli’s The Wind Rises has finally been announced after months of speculation.
Studio Canal took to Twitter to declare that cinema goers across the United Kingdom will be getting Hayao Miyazaki’s final ever feature film on May 9th. They made the statement via a tweet that celebrated the news by offering up a competition to win one of four Studio Ghibli steelbook Blu-rays to mark the event.