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And last comes the very newest one that is Jungle Cruise and let me tell you, I’ve seen Emily Blunt in this already 10 times and not ashamed of it. Also not the last time I’ll watch her in it again. Love it! Movie Productions > Jungle Cruise

Check out in the gallery for images of Emily Blunt in one of her latest projects, “Wild Mountain Thyme”. Enjoy! Movie Productions > Wild Mountain Thyme

The gallery has been updated with more images of Emily Blunt as Mary Poppins. Posters, behind the scenes images, promotional photos and movie stills. Enjoy! Movie Productions > Mary Poppins Returns

I added to the gallery photos of Emily Blunt from both first and second instalment of “A Quiet Place”, take a look and enjoy. Movie Productions > A Quiet Place Movie Productions > A Quiet Place Part II

Take a look in the gallery for several images of Emily Blunt from “The Girl On The Train”. Movie Productions > The Girl On The Train

And The Huntsman: Winter’s War photos with Emily Blunt have now been added also, enjoy! Movie Productions > The Huntsman: Winter’s War